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Buongiorno Gelato!

Thank you to Renata for organising for a special visit from Mijols Panxhi at Buongiorno to celebrate the wonderful work of the Strathmore School Council for 2021-22. The councillors reflected on the different jobs they had and the impact they made:

  • voting for key events
  • choosing which resources to spend money on
  • choosing which food and drink to have for the Valentine's day party
  • making presents for members of staff to thank them for hard work
  • hosting important visitors like our local MP Munira Wilson.

To celebrate their teamwork, the learners were allowed to choose the ice cream flavour using ALD boards and Mijols even got involved himself and was served a pot of gelato by Haydn. 

Buongiorno were very generous and the learners said the ice cream was "delicious", "nice" and "my favourite". The good news is, because they are a local business, families can visit them over the summer at 149 Heath Road UNIT 2, Twickenham, London, TW1 4BH and ask Mijols to show you the Makaton for "good afternoon" that he learnt with us!

We look forward to visiting them soon.