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On the 29th of November, we welcomed The Victoria Foundation and their Trustees and Ambassadors along with an Auriga Academy Trustee and parents to the formal unveiling of the new minibus at The Russell campus.

The Victoria Foundation (TVF) has supported Strathmore School for a number of years with the proceeds of the Main Auction at the Annual TVF Winter Ball. In the past, the charity has generously provided funding for a number of Friends of Strathmore School (FOSS, our school charity) projects including equipment for the Hydrotherapy Pool, 16 Specially adapted Trikes, the fitting out of a Softplay Room and many other initiatives including specialist Physio and OT equipment.


More recently, at the TVF Crystal Anniversary Ball, held in December 2022, The Victoria Foundation raised over £21K for Strathmore School to part-fund a new minibus. The new minibus replaces one of our old buses that is no longer reliable/ fit for purpose nor ULEZ compliant.


As the guests and staff can attest, the smiles on the faces of the school council representatives and learners, expressed their utter joy and pleasure with the arrival of the new minibus. We enjoyed a presentation of the original video, showcased at The Ball, followed by a wonderful speech from Sarah and participation from the learners. Cards and flowers were presented to the TVF Trustees followed by an official ribbon-cutting ceremony.


Sarah Hurtado said: “The new minibus, now standing proudly at school will make a huge difference to our learners and we are thankful to each one of you at The Victoria Foundation for the support you have given in raising the funds to purchase it. As the learners grow older, they use the minibus to access local gyms, cafés, and places of interest and once they get to the last few years of their time at Strathmore they travel further afield and attend colleges and work experience placements.  We could not fulfil our promise to enrich our learners’ lives with our crucial community programme, which forms an integral part of their education, without adapted minibuses. Our children have physical disabilities which makes it difficult for them to access public transport and some of our learners are isolated within their family homes and do not access the wider community because of their sensory and social needs. Your contribution will allow each one of our children to access the world outside of the school buildings. You have broken down the barriers to their right to access our wonderful world and you have opened up opportunities that they wouldn’t have normally had. Thank you from all of us at Strathmore.”


It truly was a memorable and heart-warming occasion and an opportunity for our learners, staff and school community to express our gratitude and appreciation for all the invaluable support which Strathmore School has received through The Victoria Foundation. - Jane Curzon, Chair of Friends of Strathmore School (FOSS)


To view the video showcased at the TVF Crystal Anniversary Ball, please click here: