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Message from Friends of Strathmore School (FOSS):

On Thursday, 23rd May, our Special Adapted Trikes along with our push-bikes will be pedalled for the duration of the school day across our campuses with the participation of all of our learners of varying cycling abilities, each taking on a turn to keep the wheels moving - a full Strathmore team effort for Strathmore's Big Pedal!

We are raising funds for much-needed new equipment and enhancements for our playgrounds and outdoor areas across all of our school campuses. Our learners flourish in a sensory-rich environment and our playgrounds are essential to their mental wellbeing and physical development - a place where they can be inspired, stimulated, spend energy and enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather.

If you'd like to show your support and sponsor our learners, please visit:


Thank you.


Friends of Strathmore School (FOSS)