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@ Darell School Campus

Welcome to Strathmore at The Darell School.

We are part of Strathmore School’s Primary provision, co-located with The Darell Primary School. We officially opened for learners in September 2022. We have the opportunity to join mainstream peers for pre-organised projects and special events, whilst still providing a bespoke learning package for our students, in a safe, calm and engaging learning environment.

The Darell campus opens to learners at 9:05am and school finishes at 3:20pm.

Here we have 1 class called Astra for learners aged 4 and 7 (EYFS – KS1).

The classroom is situated within the Darell school, next to their reception provision.

We ensure that all our learners have the opportunity to follow a curriculum that is individual, differentiated, engaging and meaningful. Curriculum themes run termly and opportunities for meaningful inclusion with our co-located school are always maximised when appropriate.

All classes follow the Strathmore Curriculum framework which supports an integrated approach to early learning and care. It gives all professionals a set of common principles and commitments to deliver quality early education and childcare experiences to all children. Please see more information here:

As with all learners at Strathmore School, therapies such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Music Therapy are incorporated into the learners’ day based on their individual needs.

In order to identify and follow each young person’s bespoke learning pathway, we also use ‘Strathmore Approaches’ – the collective term for all our specialist strategies. Please see more information here:

As a whole school, we are always looking for opportunities to be an important part of our community and extended learning continues outside the classroom, whenever possible.

Examples include:

· Playgrounds within the local community

· Inclusive Sport Events, swimming, horse-riding at Barnhill Stables, Marble-Hill play sessions

· Forest School at Holly Lodge and trips to Hounslow Farm

· Using public transport to visit local shops

· Inclusion programme with The Darell School, our co-located Primary School

Our partnership with The Darell School

Collaborative learning is at the heart of everything we do at Strathmore, and we are delighted to be co-located with The Darell School as we have a shared culture of inclusion. Our shared provision is adapted to meet the individual needs of our pupils and is highly beneficial for both school communities.

As a school we have a good relationship with Darell and have routine meetings to discuss inclusion opportunities.

Our social inclusion opportunities include eating lunch in the shared hall, joining in with play and social opportunities in the playground and a Volunteer Inclusion Partnership (VIP) programme. The VIPs are Darell School pupils from Years 4 upwards, who come and help with social interaction and play during lunchtimes.

In terms of curriculum inclusion, we offer a bespoke inclusion programme which enables our learners to join their mainstream peers for meaningful curriculum focused activities, such as PE, explorative play, and creative arts, with the correct support needed to make the learning accessible.