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@ Grey Court School Campus

Welcome to Strathmore at Grey Court

We are Strathmore School’s Secondary provision on the Ham side of the river, co-located with Grey Court Secondary School. We have the opportunity to join mainstream peers for pre-organised projects and special events, whilst still providing a bespoke learning package for our students, in a safe, calm and engaging learning environment.

The Grey Court campus opens to learners at 8.50am and school finishes at 3.10pm.

Here we have 3 classes for learners aged 11 to 19.

Class organisation
Class Key Stage
Pegasus KS3
Aquila KS3/4/5
Mira KS4/5

We ensure that all our learners have the opportunity to follow a curriculum that is individual, differentiated, engaging and meaningful. Curriculum themes run termly and opportunities for meaningful inclusion with our co-located school are always maximised when appropriate.

All classes follow the Strathmore Curriculum framework which supports an integrated approach to early learning and care. It gives all professionals a set of common principles and commitments to deliver quality early education and childcare experiences to all children. Please see more information here:

As with all learners at Strathmore School, therapies such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Music Therapy are incorporated into the learners’ day based on their individual needs. In order to identify and follow each young person’s bespoke learning pathway, we also use ‘Strathmore Approaches’ – the collective term for all our specialist strategies. Please see more information here:

As a whole school, we are always looking for opportunities to be an important part of our community and extended learning continues outside the classroom, whenever possible.

We offer opportunities to:

  • Practice orienteering in their local community, improve road safety and participate in travel training
  • Practice skills in our Food Tech Room to support the learner led 'Vanilla Cafe' which is taken out into the community as a 'pop up' cafe e.g. Ham Library and St Peter's Church
  • Participate in Inclusive Sport Events e.g. St Mary's College, Guildford Spectrum, swimming galas
  • Engage in Inclusive Dance and Drama events 
  • Experience Inclusion with our co-located Secondary School, Grey Court

Our partnership with Grey Court

Collaborative learning is at the heart of everything we do at Strathmore, and we are delighted to be co-located with Grey Court as we have a shared culture of inclusion.  Our shared provision is adapted to meet the individual needs of our learners and is highly beneficial for both school communities. 

In the area of social inclusion learners from both schools are linking for lunch times and lunchtime clubs, for example sports club, reading club and the sensory ‘bubble club’, which all take place at Strathmore. At least one day a week Strathmore pupils use the Grey Court canteen to have their lunch which gives them the opportunity to extend their relationships with their Grey Court peers.

We run a very successful Volunteer Inclusion Partnerships, the ‘VIPs’ with the Grey Court year 10 learners, which is now in its fourth year and going from strength to strength. As part of this programme pupils from Grey Court have been selected and trained to support pupils at Strathmore for clubs and extracurricular activities, for example Art exhibitions, Sports Day etc.  Many of our VIPs new the learners at the Russell School and have continued to develop their relationship from their primary to  secondary. A couple of our volunteers have gone onto become permanent staff, which is our best example of the impact of our co-locations.