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@ St Richard Reynolds Catholic College Campus

Welcome to Strathmore at St Richard Reynolds 

We are Strathmore School’s Primary and Secondary provision on the Twickenham side of the river, co-located with St Richard Reynolds Catholic College (SRRCC). We have the opportunity to join mainstream peers for pre-organised projects and special events, whilst still providing a bespoke learning package for our students, in a safe, calm and engaging learning environment.
The St Richard Reynolds campus opens to pupils at 9.05am and school finishes at 3.20pm. 
Please note there is NO parking available on site. 

Also ANPR Cameras are operational in the streets surrounding Strathmore and St Richard Reynolds Schools during the following term-time only hours:7:45am – 9:15am, 2:00pm – 3:30pm, You are liable for a Penalty Charge Notice unless you request for an exemption. How and when to apply for an exemption

If you meet one of the criteria for exemption, you can apply by completing a form obtained at this link: Exemption Form.

If there is an exceptional reason why you should be exempt which has not been included in the criteria, please submit the form for consideration and provide details under 'Reason for application'.

Here we have 6 classes for learners aged between 4 and 19. The classes are organised into age appropriate groups, based around Key Stage.

Class organisation
Class Key Stage
Nova EYFS / KS1
Phoenix KS1/2
Perseus KS2/3
Vega KS3
Capella KS3/4
Andromeda KS4/5

We ensure that all our learners have the opportunity to follow a curriculum that is individual, differentiated, engaging and meaningful. Curriculum themes run termly and opportunities for meaningful inclusion with our co-located school are always maximised when appropriate.

All classes follow the Strathmore Curriculum framework which supports an integrated approach to early learning and care. It gives all professionals a set of common principles and commitments to deliver quality early education and childcare experiences to all children. Please see more information here:

As with all learners at Strathmore School, therapies such as Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Music Therapy are incorporated into the learners’ day based on their individual needs. In order to identify and follow each young person’s bespoke learning pathway, we also use ‘Strathmore Approaches’ – the collective term for all our specialist strategies. Please see more information here:

As a whole school, we are always looking to our local community to further enhance our learners' experiences, especially to promote communication and independence. We offer opportunities to:

  • Practice orienteering in their local community, improve road safety and participate in travel
  • Participate in inclusive sport events and inclusive drama events
  • Visit the library in our co-located school
  • Watch the co-located school production
  • Participate in internal inclusion by engaging in rugby sessions led by Harlequins players
  • Participate in work experience placements in Twickenham.

Our partnership with St Richard Reynolds Catholic College

Collaborative learning is at the heart of everything we do at Strathmore, and we are delighted to be co-located with St Richard Reynolds Catholic College as we have a shared culture of inclusion.  Our shared provision is adapted to meet the individual needs of our learners and is highly beneficial for both school communities. 

We run the Volunteer Inclusion Partnership (VIP) with SRRCC. The VIPs are selected and trained to support learners at Strathmore for clubs for example sports club, reading club and the sensory ‘bubble club’, which all take place at Strathmore. 

In terms of professional development, we have extended our collaboration to developing a partnership between TAs and LSAs to give them the opportunity to learn from each other. We offer staff swaps, observations and consultation on additional support. St Richard Reynolds staff are warmly welcomed to join our training sessions at any time during the year, and we are able to share some spaces and resources to benefit both schools.

In 2022, SRRCC Yr 10 learners based their Design Technology project on creating adapted cutlery for children and young people like Strathmore learners. They were hosted by Andromeda class for research at lunchtime and Andromeda class visited to see how the 3-D printer works! This kind of shared experience is key to the inclusion model.  There are plans to repeat this collaborative project this year.