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Behaviour support: The Team Teach approach

Strathmore School are able to offer specialist support and training to our colleagues and professionals working across the Auriga Academy Trust. We use an accredited strategy called Team Teach to support the learners at Strathmore to regulate their own behaviour and to promote independence. 

The aim of the Team Teach approach is to reduce risk and restraint reduction, to support teaching, learning and caring by increasing staff confidence and competence, whilst promoting and protecting positive relationships.

This is delivered through training in positive handling strategies designed to reduce anxiety, risk and restraint. It highlights the importance of proactive interventions before staff need to react to challenging behaviour. You will find the proactive interventions under Specialist Strategies

We have four Team Teach trainers at Strathmore (six in the Auriga Academy Trust), one of whom is an advanced trainer.  They have had experience of using Team Teach as a useful, effective behaviour support strategy for over 10 years.

Refreshers for staff must be completed within 2 years of certification and our Team Teach instructors ensure all staff are using techniques correctly. We have weekly check-ins with all participants in our staff briefings. 

The Team Teach approach is recommended for any staff working with children and young people who have severe learning difficulties and associated behaviour difficulties.

Please look at the Team Teach website for further detail on the approach: