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At Strathmore School we see each learner as an individual with a unique potential to communicate. Our aim is that all learners become confident communicators. This means they can take part, participate, and maintain prolonged communication by using sentences to describe an event, ask questions, express their needs, wants and make comments.

Skills, Knowledge and Concepts

Communication at Strathmore is based on two frameworks:

The Expressive Communication framework:

  • Speaking and Interaction
  • High and Low Tech AAC Devices (Alternative Augmentative Communication)
  • PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System)

The Receptive Communication Framework:

  • Attention and Listening
  • Understanding

Learners have one or two ‘main’ communication methods (Expressive Communication) which they use that have been defined and reviewed by the Speech and Language Therapists. Strathmore uses a curriculum which is based on a ‘total communication approach’, in which we always use a range of communication methods (e.g., ALDS [Aided Language Displays], high- and low-tech devices, programs, PECS, Makaton) to support our learners to express, communicate and understand.

Coverage and Breadth

At Strathmore, we ensure that learners have opportunities to communicate throughout the day through accessible communication methods, learner-led learning, and engaging learning experiences, therefore leading to meaningful and functional communication.