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Cultural Capital + Enrichment

Inclusion in our local community:

We are active in forging strong links with partner schools across the Borough, and value the opportunities they give us for learners to work and play together with their peers. Students from co-located and local mainstream Primary and Secondary schools come to Strathmore to join, assist or lead activities e.g. PE or Art events. Where appropriate, learners from Strathmore will join our co-located mainstream schools to join with lessons or playtimes. We always strive to enable our pupils to learn and play with others of their own age and develop ongoing friendships.

Using local facilities, public transport and our two minibuses, all classes have the opportunity to participate in educational visits and off site activities enabling them to learn within and from their community. Learners engage in a range of regular activities including horse riding, swimming, gym visits, local parks and playgrounds, libraries, shops, sports classes, local walks and cafés. Special visits e.g. theatres, farms, places of worship and theme parks are organised once per half-term linking to the curriculum theme and learner interests.

Our Volunteer and Placement Scheme encourages inclusion with mainstream peers to promote independent learning amongst our learners and gives them the opportunity to socialise and learn from each other’s shared interests. This teaches learners how to interact and communicate with other people and to extend their social network. Creating an environment where learners can build on their skills through socialising and learning alongside their peers is improved by receiving a high level of support in class.

Enrichment is key in supporting our pupils in becoming more independent, inclusive and individual. Independence is encouraged when learners work with their peers in lunchtime clubs and with student volunteers. Using local facilities allows our pupils to interact and become a part of the wider school and local community. Specialist Strategies ensure we can effectively create an environment in which pupils can explore their personalities and interests. 

We want to eradicate inequalities. At Strathmore Cultural Capital means: 

  • Developing a curriculum that enhances the experiences, opportunities and skills available to children, particularly the most disadvantaged
  • Considering the cultures, languages and traditions that children and their families bring, and how we might value and celebrate this
  • Exposing our learners, not only to culture, but also to situations in which they might not have previously experienced
  • Exposing disadvantaged children to cultural experiences and background knowledge that will equip them with cultural knowledge to propel them further in their education, careers and social development. 

We run a termly whole school theme: 

We ensure breadth in our learning zones enriching the learners' experiences: