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See our video of A Day in the Life of a Strathmore Learner.

At Strathmore School, we have developed our own curriculum framework that we call the Strathmore Developmental Curriculum Framework.  2.5 years ago, a working party consisting of senior leaders, class teachers and therapists came together to research and devise our own developmental curriculum framework that we could use for all learners aged 4 to 19.

Above: example of the earliest bands in the Maths curriculum area. As the bands increase, our framework progresses onto Pre Key Stage Standards and National Curriculum Levels and learners will make their way through the framework at their own individual pace. 

We place the learners at the heart of our curriculum and use the main principles found in excellent early years practice and use a model of continual provision.  We set up our classrooms and learning environments into zones (e.g. sand, water, exploration, role play) where learners are free to explore and develop their skills with the expert support from the class teams.  These zones are all carefully planned on a fortnightly basis by the teacher and the class teams and meet the individual learning needs for each pupil.  We constantly review how the zones support learners to progress and look for opportunities to extend independence skills and personalise learning as much as possible so that our children and young adults are 'switched onto learning.'  

In-between the continuous provision that is expertly set up in each classroom and outdoor learning areas, the learners have 'inputs' that focus on teaching the skills they require for developing their individual maths, literacy, social and emotional and relationship development, sensory and physical and communication skills.  These inputs are fun, motivating and practical and are differentiated for different groups of learners.  

Strathmore has a range of specialist strategies that are used to support learning. We are continually developing our expertise and are very proud of the varied tools in our 'Strategies Tool-Box' that support our children and young adults to progress.  See our Specialist Strategies page here

Learners have a balance of structured and play-based learning as well as outdoor and physical activity.  Strathmore places great emphasis on 'learning by doing', and we ensure that our learners are as physically active as possible both inside the school and in the local communities. 

Our 14-19 learners have opportunities for work experience in the local community. Learners work at developing their functional and independent living skills in order to prepare them for their journeys post-Strathmore, whether that be in a college placement or a supported employment position.  This is done through carefully planned sessions and include the use of our 2 bed flat at our Grey Court campus and in our Food Tech rooms at both secondary campuses.

The whole school follows a termly theme which is set to be broad so that paired classes across all three campuses can personalise the themes to motivate their individual cohorts. We promote 'learner voice' as much as possible and ask our children and young adults to take a prominent part in choosing their own projects or sub themes within the larger term theme.  Our school councils meet regularly to make key decisions about events within our terms and these are planned for within the learning zones e.g. trip to local restaurant or cinema.

We track learning through an online assessment tool called Earwig. This is a tool where staff photograph and video learners making progress at school. Parents can log in and see evidence and are also able to upload photos and videos from home, ensuring there is clear communication and generalisation of skills at both home and school. 

Our curriculum makes strong links with the local community, with a mix of well-prepared visits and a focus on social, cultural and spiritual enrichment. We welcome a thriving team of peers from other schools to join learners within school.