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Exploring Materials and Being Creative

At Strathmore we believe that all learners experience exploring materials and being creative by making links with the environment in which they explore in a meaningful way.

Exploring materials and being creative Curriculum at Strathmore including Science, Art, and Music, this ensures that there is breadth of coverage.

The Framework is divided into 10 bands which range from band 1 (emergent learners) upwards to high ability learners (band10).

The Exploring materials and being creative framework offers diverse opportunities for all our learners as we believe that all races, religions, cultures, and genders must be valued and given equal status in the curriculum. Exploring materials and being creative is the part of the curriculum that inspires and supports learners to take up a hobby. Hobbies are pursued for pleasure or relaxation. Hobbies are one of the ways for learners to learn and explore something they are interested in.

Our aspiration is to provide our learners with the life skills that will enable them to develop their full potential as human beings.


Music Session: