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F.O.S.S exists to foster a feeling of ‘community’ amongst the parents and school through its social events whilst at the same time raising funds for the benefit of the school and learners. All parents, carers, staff and learners of Strathmore School are automatically members of F.O.S.S.

The purpose of F.O.S.S is to support parents, the School Leadership Team (SLT), staff and most especially our learners, all through from age 4 to 19 years old.  Our mission is to develop more extended relationships between parents, staff and others; engage in activities which support the school and advance the education of the learners; and to provide and assist in the provision of educational facilities or items not provided from statutory funds. These items are selected by the Committee in consultation with members of the SLT and staff.

Over the years, F.O.S.S has been very productive and busy helping develop the education environment for all of our learners through its fundraising activities. Over the years, F.O.S.S events have included the Ham Fair which is always great success. We have had 2 stalls, one with items made through an enterprise scheme at school and one with our schools infamous Café Vanilla serving homemade cakes and hot drinks. The Summer BBQ has always been a fantastic event, and we have had more than 50 families and staff attending and enjoying the bouncy castle, shared buffet and fun.  This event is still the highlight of the year and brings together past, present and prospective families together with our staff.  F.O.S.S is also supported by the wider community and receives donations from individual efforts and other organisations including charities and trusts.

Money raised by F.O.S.S is currently spent in a number of ways which includes the provision of experiences and activities for the children such as a Christmas Pantomime; termly ‘Music for Autism’ sessions which enable our learners to interact in specialist music workshops; funding for Minibus hire for educational visits and many more activities. Funding from F.O.S.S also supports the purchase of vital extra equipment and resources, including the purchase of equipment for the Food Tech Room at the Grey Court and St Richard Reynolds campus; sensory equipment for the Hydro Pool; plus many more indoor and outdoor items of necessity.

With plenty of ideas brimming and new social fundraising initiatives, F.O.S.S is always busy.  Current events in the planning include International Evening, Ham Fair and the Annual School Summer BBQ, as they have proven popular and are well attended. Other events and fundraising initiatives for school include the 50/50 F.O.S.S Lottery, A Quiz and Silent Auction, A Film Night and Xmas Fair – look out for more information. All funding raised will go towards enhancing the learning, development and educational aids and opportunities for learners across all school sites. F.O.S.S will continue to fund the school by providing classroom and outdoor equipment; media and sound equipment; educational visits; specialist therapies; training and other resources.

For more information please contact our Chair of F.O.S.S Jane Curzon via email