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Grey Court School Campus

Welcome to Strathmore at Grey Court

We are Strathmore School’s Secondary Campus on the Ham side of the river where we are co-located with Grey Court Secondary School.

Here we have 3 classes for learners aged 11 to 19.

Our Key Stage 3 classes ‘Aquila’ and ‘Pegasus’ follow a themed curriculum which is based on the National Curriculum.
The Grey Court campus opens to pupils at 8.50am and school finishes at 3.10pm.

Our 14-19 group ‘Mira Class’ follows the ‘Equals Moving On Curriculum’ which prepares them for life as a young adult and for their next step after Strathmore, for example the local college provision.

As with all pupils of Strathmore School therapies such as SALT, OT, PT, Music Therapy and Play Therapy are integrated into the learners’ day based on their individual needs. In order to identify and follow each young person’s bespoke learning pathway we also use ‘Strathmore Approaches’ - our specialist strategies.

As a secondary campus we are constantly looking to our local community to further enhance our pupils’ learning, especially to promote communication and independence. We offer pupils the opportunity to

Practice orienteering in their local community, improve road safety and participate in travel training

  • Take part in Wild Learning (supported by The London Wildlife Trust)
  • Participate in Inclusive Sport Events and Inclusive Drama Events
  • Be a part of ‘Dance Together’ Projects with the Kingston based Dance Group ‘Ballet Boyz’
  • Experience Inclusion with our co-located Secondary School Grey Court

Our partnership with Grey Court

The collaborative work between Strathmore and Grey Court led by Adrianna Martyr and Rebecca Gonyora continues to thrive.

In the area of social inclusion pupils from both schools are linking for lunch times and lunchtime clubs, for example sports club, reading club and the sensory ‘bubble club’, which all take place at Strathmore. At least one day a week Strathmore pupils use the Grey Court canteen to have their lunch which gives them the opportunity to extend their relationships with their Grey Court peers.

We run a very successful Volunteer Inclusion Partnerships, the ‘VIPs’ with the Grey Court year 10 pupils, which is now in its second year and going from strength to strength. As part of this programme pupils from Grey Court have been selected and trained to support pupils at Strathmore for clubs and extracurricular activities, for example  Art exhibitions, Sports Day etc.

In terms of curriculum inclusion, we are offering a bespoke inclusion programme which links individuals, pupils and staff, from both schools for subject areas such as includes PE, Science, Art, Drama and Health and Social Care.

We also offer vocational learning through a volunteering scheme with the GC 6th sixth form which also includes students from Hollyfield.

In terms of professional development and we have extended our collaboration to developing a partnership between TAs and LSAs to give them the opportunity to learn from each other