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Inclusion Activities

As we are now co-located with our partner schools, The Russell School, Grey Court School, and St Richard Reynold’s Catholic College, our pupils are enjoying lots of opportunities to work and play with their peers in the mainstream schools. To make this beneficial for all pupils as possible, we aim to ensure that these opportunities are:

  • planned so we can ensure they take place regularly,
  • meaningful so everyone gains something from each and every activity,
  • and appropriate so that pupils are mixing and learning from others their own age and who share a community.

Here is a list of some of the activities we have shared so far:

  • Christmas Productions
  • Sports Days
  • Makaton Choir Club
  • Shared IT Lessons
  • Library Sessions

Lunch Time and Play Time visits from mainstream pupils or Strathmore pupils having their lunch in the mainstream lunch hall

Mainstream pupils volunteering to help with S Club (after school club)

We are always happy to hear about new ideas from parents or from the wider community about other ways we can offer opportunities for working with our co-located schools as we all work together to build a future that is more inclusive for our pupils, their families and friends.