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At Strathmore we are committed to enhancing the quality of teaching and learning Maths working on understanding the composition of numbers at a greater depth more then on progressing further.

To improve the understanding, knowledge and skills of the subject we have been using the key elements for Mastery for Maths.

The overriding principles of this approach are relevant to the way we envision teaching and learning at our school including:

  • Making mathematics accessible and functional to all students.
  • Learning in graduated steps and at greater depth rather than progressing before key learning concepts are consolidated.
  • Supporting students to making connections and developing mathematical thinking and problem-solving through carefully planned sequences of lessons.
  • Ensuring that students experience maths by using concrete, pictorial and abstract resources.
  • Planning daily ‘fluency sessions’ - where students have the opportunity to develop fluency and learn number names, numerals and the counting principles at the appropriate level of development.

Our learners develop number sense by:

  • exploring, touching, responding, anticipating
  • developing contingency awareness and shared attention
  • acquiring understanding of object permanence and 1:1 correspondence
  • matching and sorting
  • sequencing and patterning
  • counting
  • making sets of objects
  • combining sets of objects
  • adding and subtracting
  • multiplying and dividing
  • using and applying their mathematical skills to Pre-Key standards level where appropriate.

The Framework coverage consists of the following strands:

  • shape, space and measure
  • position and direction
  • time
  • weight and volume
  • length and height