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Music Therapy

Music therapy is based on a referral process from the Class Teacher and parent/guardian. Part of this process is identifying how the sessions will support the learner and their outcomes. Some music therapy sessions are delivered in a group or individual basis, depending on what the aim and outcome is for the therapy session. We have two music therapists at Strathmore. 

What is it?

Music Therapy is based on the belief that everyone has the ability to respond to music, to express themselves and to connect with others through shared music –making.

Central to how music therapy works is the therapeutic relationship that is established and developed, through musical interaction and play between a therapist and client. A wide range of musical styles and instruments can be used, including the voice, and the music may include the use of structured songs and games as well as improvised music.

What are the aims?

Children and young people can develop their relationships with others and experience positive changes in emotional wellbeing, communication and social interaction through engaging in ‘live’ musical playing, singing and vocalising and listening. Music Therapy can also help to improve self-confidence and independence, enhance self-awareness and awareness of others, and improve concentration and attention skills. 

How is it used / delivered/ who is responsible?

At Strathmore School, Music Therapy may be offered as a programme of individual sessions or in pair or group setting, depending on the needs and strengths of the child or young person. Sessions are weekly and usually last between 30 and 50 minutes. The type of session offered to a child may change over time as the child develops. Progress is documented through weekly clinical notes and summarising reports are provided for learners’ Annual Review reports or at the end of a period of music therapy.

Please note that Music Therapy is not appropriate for everyone.

Who are the people I need to talk to for more information / support?

Music Therapy is offered at all stages of learning, from Early Years to 14-19 at all Strathmore campuses. Music Therapy is provided by Richmond Music Trust and ConnectED, (part of the Catholic Children’s Society). 

Can I use it at home?

Music therapy is led by a therapist in a therapy space, however, there are elements of music therapy that you can do with your child at home. These include turn taking with voice / instruments, singing and mirroring each other.

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