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Physiotherapy at Strathmore

The physiotherapist looks at functional mobility and support with moving and handling. The physiotherapists have access to the hydrotherapy pool to compliment some learner's individual physio programmes.

Our physiotherapists work alongside learners, class teams, teachers and families to plan and deliver quality programmes to promote the physical management of learners and to ensure that all learners reach their physical potential. This may be through assessment, group work, hydrotherapy and individual therapy.

Group work and individual sessions are provided with the physiotherapist taking responsibility for identifying those learners who would benefit from a physiotherapeutic approach to their movement disorder and providing a structured programme in a small group setting or on an individual level. The pupils Educational Team is trained to deliver these programmes and integrate them into the learner’s curriculum and timetable.

Individual Therapy

While most of the work done with the learners will be within the classroom environment and will be functionally based, individual therapy may be necessary for some. This may be for assessment purposes, rehabilitation after surgery, or to identify and work on a particular aspect of development.


Physiotherapists can offer hydrotherapy to learners, which allow them to develop water confidence, control of their body in the water and then learn to swim. Special arrangements are made to accommodate learners who require hydrotherapy after orthopaedic surgery, or for relaxation and reduction of increased muscle tone.