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Why is reading important?

Reading is all about an interactive search for meanings by interpreting signs and symbols.

For Strathmore learners, it is also the interactive search for meanings in emotions – emotional literacy.

Reading is an important part of a Strathmore learner’s education and lifestyle. For example, they will encounter the world of literature every day, through the media of songs, narratives, performance arts or listening to a drama, as they access the radio, television, audio, live theatre and electronic media.
The following areas as key to the development of reading:

➢ Phonemic awareness and phonic knowledge
➢ Word recognition and symbolic knowledge
➢ Grammatical awareness
➢ Contextual understanding
➢ Reading for information
➢ Literature

Reading for Strathmore learners is far more than this. It is about:
➢ the importance of reading via sounds, language experience and inclusive communication,
➢ the importance of emotional literacy with the crucial reading skills of reading and making sense of emotions in oneself and others,
➢ reading with the senses that are the first primer in reading the world around,
➢ using the world around in order to practise perceptions, simple thinking processes and discovering structure in life, in order to read in a practical way,
➢ using modern technology in order to read.

The most important aspect of reading for any reader is a personal enjoyment and satisfaction gained at any level of reading.

Please see attachments below for more information, examples and tips.