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School Visits and Training Reports

Governors’ visits should have a clear purpose. They should always be pre- arranged with the Head/ appropriate member of staff. Ideally there should be an initial meeting in the Autumn Term and other dates by individual agreement. Visits are an opportunity to celebrate and recognise what the school does well and to give an opportunity to ask questions thus enabling governors to carry out their monitoring role. They are also an opportunity to build positive relationships with the staff. They are not to inspect the school or make judgements about the quality of teaching.

Visits enable governors to -

  • Monitor and evaluate progress on the SDP
  • See how resources are used and make informed decisions on budget allocations
  • Contribute to and inform the School Self Evaluation process
  • Provide OFSTED with concrete evidence of involvement in the school
  • Establish whether it may be appropriate to provide support in any way

Governor links to specific curriculum areas provide an opportunity to be better informed on aspects of the curriculum and how it links to the SDP. They enable governors to become informed on

  •  relevant policies – national, local and specific to the school
  • condition and availability of resources
  • staffing ,including training
  • timetabling arrangements
  • assessment and recording procedures

Visits should be reported back to the Full Governing Body using the governors visit form. A termly summary will be given to the full governing body.  Individual governors may wish to comment more fully at that meeting.

Governors should determine with the subject coordinator the frequency of visits ( at least once per term )and what the focus will be If the visit involves sitting in class discuss beforehand how you can be involved with pupil activities if appropriate and arrange a time for discussion with the teacher afterwards.