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Skills for Independence

At Strathmore we are dedicated to preparing and challenging every learner to become an active contributor to their community by championing independence and communication in a learning environment that is accessible to all.

We believe that learning to take care of our self or being confident at carrying out life skills in order to dress, wash and feed our self are key skills which will create positive experiences, that will enable learners to continue to be independent when they leave school. 

We believe that all learners should be exposed to Skills for Independence during lesson time, snack, lunchtime and a range of extracurricular clubs. Many of our learner’s struggle with gross and fine motor skills; focused activities can facilitate the development of skills in order to: fasten buttons, zips etc or by crossing their midline through large physical movement. It is important that learners get the opportunity to be active throughout their school day and are enabled to practice skills for independence in a meaningful way. 

The Skills for Independence curriculum covers self-care, feeding, toileting and being in the community.

Self-care covers self-hygiene, getting dressed, washing hands, brushing teeth and hair.

Feeding covers feeding orally. 

Toileting covers using the toilet, changing and cleaning self.

Being in the Community covers: Community access, transport and safety in the community.