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What is it?

TACPAC (Touch And Communication PAC) is communication through touch and music. “There is a compatible link between the sensory world of touch and the sensory world of music. TACPAC focuses on aligning these sensory forces.” (2016)

TACPAC combines the sense of touch and music through social interaction. It is delivered via an interaction between 2 people – a giver and a receiver. The session is structured and takes place in an emotionally safe environment, clear of other sensory interferences.

What are its aims?

The aims of TACPAC are to enable relaxation, communication and participation.

TACPAC uses the senses of touch and music in equal measure. Staff teams work together on the same pupil each week, building a relationship over time which the pupil learns to trust and relax into, thereby helping non-verbal or verbal communication. The thematic material lends itself to sensory storytelling, allowing the pupils to feel and experience the story in sequence. More able pupils can give to less able pupils, creating bonds of friendship which have lasted well past the length of a session.

How is it used/delivered/ who is responsible?

TACPAC can be delivered on a 1:1 basis in a quiet area, or in a group setting with 1:1 in a space such as the sensory room. TACPAC is undertaken according to the direction of the class teacher by teaching assistants and teachers. Sessions are accessed and tracked. Where possible staffing is kept the same for TACPAC sessions in order to provide consistency and establish meaningful relationships.

Who are the people I need to talk to for more information / support?

Class teachers

Can I use it at home?

Yes! There is information for parents on the TACPAC website which can be found here CDs are subject to copy write so we cannot send copied home. You can purchase your own sets on the TACPAC website.

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