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The World Around Me

The World Around Me framework strands are focused on people and communities our learners live in, discovering the world through senses and tools and using technology in a variety of ways.

The Framework coverage consists of three strands:

‘My beliefs, culture and community’

‘Exploring the World ‘

‘Technology around me’

The World Around Me framework offers skills and knowledge that will support all learners’ in:

  • problem solving in a variety of situations
  • exploring and learning how things work
  • making connections with others in verbal/non-verbal ways
  • expressing thoughts and possibilities
  • developing imagination and building curiosity
  • demonstrating good self-esteem
  • developing gross and fine motor skills

My beliefs, culture and community strand provide the school with a great opportunity to explore, learn about and celebrate the cultural diversity of its’ students and their families. This will be achieved through representation in learning zones as well as through assemblies prompting diversity, e.g. International Mother Language Day and lunchtime clubs, e.g. language club; role-play club; art club.

It is supported by The Rights Respecting Schools Award which puts children’s rights at the heart of schools in the UK.

Coverage and Breadth

People and communities for Strathmore are based on families, cultures, religion, and significant events.  All learners will have an opportunity to experience different activities, e.g. festivals, cultural celebrations and community visits, e.g. Richmond Park.

The Framework banding ensure all ability learners experience and develop their skills in exploring immediate environment, culture, community and technology around them but learning will vary in different Key Stages:

Primary: Learners explore their environment through:

  • senses, e.g. touching, hitting; feeling; tasting
  • tools and objects, e.g. ball for rolling; different textures, e.g. wet; dry, soft
  • technology, e.g. switches; light toys; simple electrical equipment.
  • community visits, e.g. local shop, crossing the road etc.

Secondary: Learners explore their environment through:

  • sensory play and exploration e.g. textures, solid/liquid states, tastes, smells
  • tools and utensils used in the kitchen, garden and communal areas
  • a range of technology including switches, simple electrical equipment and computer software
  • community visits to local shops, locations with flora and fauna and cultural sites

All learners will be provided with a range of different experiences through learning zones reflecting the learner’s age and progression of independence.

The Framework is divided into bands which range from band 1 (emergent learners) upwards to band 10 (high ability learners).

The school’s termly themes provide a broad and flexible vehicle for learning that allows teachers to plan engaging and practical activities, whilst assessing students’ progress effectively by using The World Around Me framework.