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Transition in to Strathmore


Welcome to Strathmore school community. This page will help you to understand how we support new learners to transition to our school.

Our leadership team, teachers, support staff, therapists and admin are a friendly bunch and will be here to help you throughout your Strathmore journey. On this section of the website you will find a variety of resources that may help to answer your questions, calm your worries and enlighten you.

Following Covid-19, our transition offers have become more flexible. We have sought ways to make our new parents feel confident and comfortable, even if they can't visit the campus in person.

You will find some useful videos of our wonderful school campuses below, helping you and your child to see what they look like; a video of our therapists explaining how therapy is structured/provided and a video about other fun things we provide as a school. When the placement is confirmed, you will receive communication from the school regarding your child’s transition.

Upon request from the link teacher, there are Social Stories to read to/with your child to support their understanding of their transition to Strathmore.

Scroll down for a number of useful, informative documents to guide you through the transition process. 

We welcome your communication, so please call us if you have any questions. 

Best wishes,

The Strathmore School Leadership Team

Strathmore Autumn 2021

I have read the Government guidance which, for the first time includes guidance specifically aimed at Special Schools. Essentially it echoes what I have said to Governors and staff which is that the risks to your children of not being in school far outweigh the benefit of shielding. The risk to children themselves of becoming severely ill from coronavirus is low and there are negative health impacts of being out of school. It is a balance of risks. The prevalence of COVID-19 has significantly decreased. Public Health England is clear about the measures that need to be in place to create safer environments within schools. The Guidance is clear about the system of control with prevention and response directions. All of these are already currently in place at Strathmore. 

 A small number of pupils may be unable to attend in line with the individual health advice they receive because they are self-isolating and have had symptoms or a positive test result themselves or because they are a close contact of someone who has coronavirus. From September 2021 the usual rules on school attendance apply, including schools’ responsibilities to record attendance and follow-up absences. 

We will not be able to socially distance, although new government advice is that from September children in bubbles do not have to socially distance. The expectation is that staff will, but we know that is impossible at Strathmore, so we will continue to adopt the rigorous hygiene practices already in place. 

However, because children and young people are brought in on locality-based buses which are not class group-based, we cannot create small bubbles. In effect, each campus will be one big or, at St Richard Reynolds campus, bigger bubble, which does mean that should a pupil or member of staff have a positive test we would need to close that campus. Of course, nobody wants that to happen, but it is a risk and I am trying to balance those risks. 

In September school was ready for everyone and re-opened with excellent learner attendance and we hope this continues for the whole of the Autumn term.



A virtual tour of all three campuses


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What we offer at Strathmore School


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Therapy at Strathmore School


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