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Strathmore runs a volunteer and placement scheme across all three campuses, giving opportunities for those in medicine, education, social care and members of the community to come into school to enrich pupils learning.

The aim of our volunteering scheme is for our pupils to share interests with the wider school community and to extend their social network. This teaches pupils how to interact and communicate with other people. Creating an environment where pupils can build on their skills through socialising and learning alongside their peers is improved by receiving a high level of support in class.

Volunteering helps our pupils develop independence, allowing them to advocate for themselves and show their skills and personalities whilst breaking down stereotypes and having fun.

The aim of our scheme for those who choose to volunteer is to provide an opportunity for you to share your skills, experience and talents with our pupils.

Our volunteering scheme creates a supportive environment which is focused on the individual and how they contribute to school life. Volunteering at Strathmore helps raise awareness of special education needs.

For our student volunteers the reduced emphasis on competition and assessment targets, allows you to build confidence by being part of a class team who encourage lateral thinking whilst complementing your studies and employment.

Our volunteers are from universities and colleges in and around the borough and we are always creating new links with schools, colleges and universities and welcome students from all educational backgrounds.

Here is a list of the schools we frequently work with

  • St Mary’s University
  • Tiffin Girls School
  • Grey Court School

The benefits of volunteering for our pupils allows them to engage and socialise with the wider school community and extend their social network to improve opportunities for learning and leisure activities whilst building their independence.

Volunteering also allows pupils to make friends with other young people who help enrich school life and improve communication. Volunteers also provide extra help in activities such as maths, reading, cooking, drama, and social enterprise.

Our volunteers not only help in class but also during school events such as sports day, school productions and also assist in off-site learning.

As a co-located school we also have inclusion programs with our host schools, including our Grey Court VIP Volunteer Scheme which has been running for two years, where students volunteer during break times at our lunch clubs.

If you are interested in volunteering at Strathmore School, please complete an application form electronically and return to