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WEEK 3&4

Here you will find ideas, activities, tasks and links for your child to try out and engage with whilst they are at home with you. Our teaching teams are updating learning tasks every two weeks. However, we will keep everything here for you, so if something has worked well, you can go back to it at any point.

Key Resources

  1. BBC Bitesize -
  2. TWINKLE - – Parent login for 1 month free access to resources
  3. Online Classroom from Oak National Academy:
  4. Visit Phonics Play website -


  1. Story books- ‘Everybunny dance’ - Everybunny Dance | BookTrust

Hand washing

  1. Tips for people with sensory difficulties - Sensory Integration Education - Hand Washing Tips for People With Sensory Difficulties
  2. Washing Hands video model - Routine Essentials: Washing Hands | STAR Autism Support


  1. Follow these instructions to have some sensory play with rainbow jelly -
  2. 10 tips for Sensory Play - 10 tips for managing sensory play - The Measured Mom